Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aunt Angela comes to visit

Joe's good friend Angela came to town for a quick visit. Here we are at Hooters. It was my first time at a Hooters and Dylan's second (no I am not proud of that fact!). I was surprised to find that the place was actually very kid friendly, and there were lots of other families there with kids. Not that we are going back anytime soon.
I am almost 8 months pregant here, but luckily the bump was well hidden!

I was so nice to see Angela and for her to get to meet Dylan. We had to go to Hooters because it was one of the few places in NWI that was showing the Michigan/Penn State game. Angela went to Penn State. Unfortunately, they got their butts kicked again. At least the wings were good! (We didn't actually eat any wings, but you gotta mention them when you talk about Hooters, right?)

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