Thursday, October 25, 2007

Resting today

I woke up at 4:30 am this morning with strong cramps and lower back pain. When I got up to go to the bathroom I felt nauseous and weak. Like I have the flu or something. The cramps are still strong. I was sleeping until the phone woke me at around 10:30 am. I am not sure if I am having contractions. There is tightening and then goes away. Sometimes when the baby moves around it feels the same way, so I am not sure I am having contrax or not. I have my weekly doctors appointment tomorrow morning and will be interested to see what might be happening down there. Probably just false labor. Maybe it was the super hot salsa I had on my baked potato last night, who knows. Hopefully, this kid will stay in there for at least 2 more weeks because we could really use the extra time to finish getting the house ready.

Joe went to work and took Dylan to daycare so that I could rest. I hate sending him to daycare when I have a day off but I really needed the rest. Today was especially hard to see him go, he has been having a hard time with one of the teachers. Last night when I picked him up at 6 pm I found him crying and having a tantrum on the floor, this is very usual behavior for him. His teacher was in the bathroom cleaning the toilet. I was really upset to find him that way. She said that he was mad at her because she asked him to use the potty and he wouldn't. I consoled him and talked him into going to the bathroom. He made a good attempt but had nothing in him, just a tinkle, so I asked her when was the last time he went to the bathroom and she said about 2 hours ago. I thought she was being too hard on him.

On the days that I have to work a full day and pick him up at 6 pm I usually find him upset, mad or just really tired. By 6 he is usually the last kid there and the teacher is busy closing up for the day, cleaning etc. so he doesn't get much attention. He is so whiney and bossy. I just think that 9 hours daily is too long for him to be at daycare. On the days that I pick him up at by 5 he is always happy and well rested.

When we got to the car and he was finally calm enough to talk to me he said that he didn't like his teacher and that she was mean. I asked him if she had put him in timeout and he nodded yes and started crying a little again. What to do? I am sure she thought she was justified in putting him in timeout but I also think that this particular teacher is very rigid and hard on the kids. Sometimes when I show up to pick up Dylan he asks me if he can go into another teacher's room (she is his favorite). We only have a few more weeks to go before he will be at home with me during my maternity leave. And I am glad that he will be in another classroom with a new teacher when he returns to daycare in February. It is a good daycare and I think that they do a good job caring and teaching the kids, I just think he would be better off with another teacher or in new surroundings.

I have to go lay down now.

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Anonymous said...

Try to rest, rest and rest some more as much as you can. We're open this weekend and could easily come and pick up Dylan and he and Liz would have a blast together. That would give you some time to rest. Call anytime!!!
It'll be nice that Dylan can have a break from daycare and go back in February with a new teacher.