Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Matthew one week old

Wow, time flies. I can't believe that Matthew is already a week old.

Here are some new photos.

We still can't get over how tiny he is. He is sleeping a lot, and I am constantly feeding and changing diapers. Matthew likes to poop in a nice clean diaper. As soon as I change a wet diaper he poops. His poops are very loud and forceful, we call him "Thunder Pants". Dylan was the same way when he was an infant.

We aren't sure if Charlie is adjusting well to the new baby or me being at home. She is constantly pacing all day. Also, she has taken to digging in the trash cans for the baby's soiled diapers and tearing them up all over the backyard and living room. UGH!

Dylan has become attached to the baby's crib. He wants to lay in there and stare at the mobile and ceiling. Funny thing is that when he was a baby we couldn't get him to sleep in that crib. Until we got him the race car bed he either slept with us or in the spare bedroom in the double sized bed (with rails).

Dylan thinks that everything is his, especially anything that belongs to the baby. He is very sweet with the baby, when I pick him up from daycare he tells everyone to back off "his" baby. He still can't remember the baby's name. He just calls him "baby". Overall, he is still adjusting to Matthew and only getting 1/2 the attention. But I am relieved that Dylan isn't aggressive towards the baby, that was my worst fear.

I have lost 20 lbs and can fit into regular jeans again. I still have about 25 lbs more to lose. I don't have much of an appetite but am trying to eat healthfully since I am nursing. Mainly I crave sugar and water. I still have difficulty getting around, my sciatic nerve pain and round ligament pain is still evident and I can't lift anything really heavy (ie Dylan).

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving everyone! We love you.



Diana McNary said...

Aww! He looks like a little raisin. Congratulations again you two! Give both those boys a hug for us.

Valerie said...

Matthew is beautiful! My favorite pic is the one where he makes a face when someone is trying to put a hat on him!!
(by the way James thinks Liesel and Matthew could be siblings!! They look alike he says, except Matthew has more hair!)
I am so glad to hear Dylan is adjusting to a new brother, I hear introductions can be pretty dicy sometimes...
As far as the jaundice is concerned, my friend the maternity nurse told me that loooads of babies have it and it is usually a very natural occurence when the body has to deal with a bit too much of a substance (cannot remember what it's called but I think it is related to the change between receiving nutrition from the umbilical cord and breats milk)
Anyway, she told me no need to have any worry unless it lasts longer than it should.
I am sooo excited for you and for the fact that you can fit back in your pants!! I am all frustrated cause I lost 30 pounds since delivery but none of my winter pants fit!! ARGH!

QGIRL said...

Val, I should say that I am fitting into regular sized pants but they are 2 sizes bigger than I normally wear. They are my transition jeans that I bought when I had gotten bigger than my size 6's and was still too small for maternity. So technically they are not my "regular" sized jeans. Still, it is nice to be out of maternity clothes for the most part.