Thursday, December 13, 2007

Starting to look a lot like Christmas!

I am slowly putting out our Christmas decorations. Joe was going to help me haul the artificial tree up from the basement yesterday but was in a car accident in the morning and I didn't want him to hurt his back lifting anything. And because I shouldn't be lifting anything with my back issues we probably won't have the tree up until this weekend.
Also, our holiday cards are on hold until Matty's infant acne resolves itself. He is still a little jaundice, actually kinda orange/yellowish in color. He has his one month checkup today so I will post more on him later.

Here are the few decorations that I was able to display.

This is the beautiful nativity scene that my boss gave me last year for my birthday. I love it. It is my first nativity set so I am not sure if I set it up properly. If you have any pointers, let me know!

I also got the stockings up over the chimney. Click on the photos to get a closer look.

I'll post some photos of our banged up Volvo later today. The insurance guy should be here to let us know how much damage ($$) was actually done to the car. I am so thankful that nobody wasn't seriously hurt.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Joe was not seriously injured in the accident. If it is not one darned thing, it's another! Your Christmas decorations are perfect....I love the stockings! Love, Leslie

PS You set up the nativity set just beautifully! xoxo

QGIRL said...

Thanks Leslie! I really love the nativity set. It looks a little "unfinished" though. I think that I will put a poinsetta or something on the table with it.

Hopefully Charlie won't take off with baby Jesus or Dylan for that matter.