Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dylan & Matthew

Dylan is very good with Matthew. Here he is trying to show him how to work the Jumperoo, and even got a smile out of him. I had to prop Matty up with a pillow, he is still too small for the thing, but momma got desperate. If he isn't walked around, he cries and cries. The kid doesn't want to sit still. It is hard work walking the kid around for hours on end. At least my biceps are getting a good workout. Now, if I can think of an exercise for my stomach and butt that incorporates carrying around the baby..


Anonymous said...

What a good big brother Dylan is!! The pictures are adorable, and Matty looks sooooo much like Joe. Can't wait to meet Matthew in person! Love, Leslie

QGIRL said...

Thanks Leslie! Can you believe that Matthew is not even two months old yet and he is so alert and focused.