Saturday, February 16, 2008

Date Night

Going out in 2008 vs. Circa 1998

Date night circa 1998:
-spend a leisurely day shopping for the newest fashion to wear on my night out. Get a mani and pedi.
-maybe go by Mac cosmetics and have a professional apply my make-up
-6:00 pm to 9:00 pm usually take a short "disco nap"
-shower or bath with candles, playing fun music at top volume (usually House music to get into the party mood)
-shave my legs, 'cause you never know if you're going to get "lucky" later
-wear push up bra
-scarf down a bite and mix up a cocktail
-can't decide which shoes to wear
-No purse necessary. Grab $20 for gas (that will last me a least 2 weeks). No other money really needed, I always got in free at clubs and free drinks - I knew "people", bring a quarter (days before the cell phone), my ID and my lipstick, stuff into my bra and head out the door

Date night now, 2008:
-spend two weeks prior to date night calling everyone we know to see if they can babysit two "easy going boys" (Yeah right!)
-day of spend the whole day cleaning the bathrooms and house so that babysitter doesn't think that we are total disgusting slobs
-spend last minute before sitter arrives trying on clothes to see if I have anything dressy enough that still fits me postpartum, forget about fashion. Comfort is key!
-tip toe around the house for fear of waking boys up from their nap, so that I can have a shower in peace and quiet
-forgot to shave legs, but really, what is the point these days!
-make up and hair consist of taking scrunchy out of my hair and throwing on some eye-liner and lip gloss on my face, even still, I already feel glamorous
-wear support bra with extra nursing pads
-feed baby and hope that he doesn't burp up all over my black ensemble, feed Dylan.
-take out an insane amount of money to cover parking, gas, babysitter (practically had promise her a small fortune to babysit at such short notice), dinner, play and drinks (no free booze at bars when your a married girl).
-Type up a page worth of instructions for the babysitter ie, emergency numbers, cell numbers, the number to the restaurant and theater, how to mix and heat up "baby cocktail" consisting of formula and breast milk, how to get Dylan ready for bed. How to soothe the baby when he cries. Where the first aid stuff is, etc. you get the idea.
Note to self: type instructions up later and laminate for future use.
-Try to find an elegant purse still big enough to hold my cell phone, wallet, camera, hairbrush, powder/concealer, lip gloss, playbill, instructions to the restaurant, cough drops, photos of boys, a pen, bubble gum and eye drops. Life just isn't that simple for me!
-Still can't ever decide which shoes to wear
-Sneak out the door to avoid separation anxiety (now-a-days Dylan is a champ at separation, it is mommy that still has problems!)
-Get in car and jump for joy, laughing and screaming, feeling like we just won the lottery or got away with something big. We are free at last - well for at least 6 hours anyway!

We went to see my friend's play. Even got to sit next to the playwright herself. I suppose I still "know people". Even got a free drink at the bar! It was a really nice night out for Joe & I. We need to do it more often.

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