Sunday, March 30, 2008

4 month update

This 4 month update is a tad late, but the days seem to fly by and I am barely keeping up with everything.

Matthew has entered "fun" stage. Joe and Dylan can make him laugh out loud, squealing with delight. When he laughs like that it is infectious and we all start laughing. He is trying really hard to sit up and roll over. I love the Bumbo seat, and I am sure he is enjoying the new perspective. I am sure looking at the ceiling all the time gets tiring. He is solely on formula during the day and I am still nursing him at night. He just started the 4 month old sleep regression (right on track) and he is getting up every 2 hours at night, poor mommy!

He isn't a fussy baby, but he does like to be held and walked around. Luckily, not crying like he was in the beginning. We just started him on solids, just rice cereal actually. He still does the tongue thrust thing so he probably isn't getting much cereal down. He sure makes a big messing during feedings. Dylan was always really neat.

When Dylan first wakes up he likes to talk to his little brother and usually says "Good morning Matthew. Time to wake up, the sun is out. It not dark anymore. The moon is gone." Dylan loves to make Matthew laugh and he is really good at it too! He tells me that when Matthew is big enough he is going to show him how to do puzzles and pay with cars. Dylan is a very good big brother. At Easter we tried to take a picture of all the kids together and I had Isabella (one of the older kids) hold Matthew. Dylan was so sad, he started to cry. He wanted to hold his little brother. I have included the photos of that incident as well as some of Matthew trying to eat cereal. I can remember so well when Dylan was barely able to sit in that highchair, his little legs barely dangling off the seat.

Photo of Dylan crying because he wants to hold Matthew. Click on the photos for a closer look.

In this photo Dylan is much happier after we let him hold his brother.

Here are some cute photos of Matthew trying rice cereal. Sorry the photos are so fuzzy.

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