Tuesday, May 13, 2008

(just a few) Things that make me happy:

  • homemade pie for breakfast
  • hearing a favorite song on the radio first thing in the morning
  • rain on a lazy Sunday
  • Matthew's baby breath
  • When Dylan makes Matthew laugh
  • Shopping
  • When Joe cares for the boys
  • Farmers markets
  • Creating something (knitting, sewing, cooking, blogging)
  • Being at home with Joe and the boys
  • Favorite smells; grapefruit, fig, red currants, mangosteen
  • Asian food especially Dim Sum, Shio Ramen noodle soup, pad thai, bun cha gio and any dessert with coconut
  • Chocolate
  • Philosophy and Aveda products
  • Traveling
  • Reading and learning
This list could go on and on..I am a pretty easy gal to please.

Today was the start of the Farmers Markets in Chicago. Seriously nothing makes me happier than to turn a corner on my way to work and see the white tents selling flowers, fruits, vegetables and homemade yummies. It is a sure sign that the cold bitter Chicago winter is over. I practically skip to work after that.

We always try to catch the farmers markets in every city we visit.

I was kind of shy taking photos of the vendors and their goods, but here are a few photos I managed to get today of the market at Federal Plaza.

Calder's "Flamingo" towers over the white tents.

Lilacs for my desk.
Daffodils for my boss

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