Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last day of swimming lessons. Whoo hoo.

I don't know who was more excited on the last day of swimming lessons, Dylan or me. At 2 pm every Saturday for the last 6 weeks Dylan became a petrified, crying, screaming pre-schooler. It was torture for both of us, let me tell ya.

Dylan had his last swimming lesson (for this season anyway) last Saturday. It was pretty uneventful, actually kind of chaotic. The kids were running around doing their own thing and no one was listening to the teacher. She kinda gave up halfway into the lesson and the session turned into an open swim free for all. For everyone except Dylan anyway, he stayed on the side and had fun throwing balls, noodles and toys into the pool for other kids to retrieve.

The most surprising thing was when we arrived to the pool there was a humongous slide set up at the deep end of the pool. The instructors started the lesson by asking the kids if any of them wanted to try going down the slide. Just a reminder... my kid has to wear a 3 floaty and can't even tread water by himself. He freaks out if you as much take one finger off of him, he holds on to you with a death grip the whole time he is in the water. I really don't think that he is ready for the 'big' slide. What do you think? What were the swim instructors thinking!

Here is the slide that I am talking about. 

So you can get some perspective, here is an adult next to the slide. It runs from the observer balcony down to the water in the deep end.

I think I'd be too scared to go down that thing. Jeez!

On to T-Ball season. Hopefully, that will bring some comic relief and not as many tears!

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dp said...

Both of you will love T-ball. It's so fun for the kids and it's fun for the parents to watch.