Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some general administration stuff

Hey, by now you have noticed our new "Spring look". Nice and refreshing isn't it? Like a tall glass of limeade.

Also, I have added two new features at the bottom on the right sidebar. I signed up for Google ads. Shameless, I know, but it is a tough economy out there people! Please feel free to click on the ads daily, because every time you do I get a few pennies that I can put towards my kids' college education (or new shoes and purses for me, which is like, just as important).

Under the advertisement, you will see a Site Meter. I decided to track how many people are actually reading this blog. If the numbers aren't great then I might stop writing the blog. It seems silly and too time consuming to have a blog that no one reads.

Actually, I have been considering creating a totally different kind of blog altogether. More about my interests; cooking especially with photos and recipes, as well as my ideas for decorating, fun shopping finds, books I am reading, stuff I'm knitting etc with some Greco Family Life thrown in now and then.

Anyway, thanks again for reading and don't forget to click on those ads!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I think you should keep the blog going, but you can always tweak it based on your interests, etc.. I think it's OK if your voice in the blog changes - meaning the focus is tweaked from time to time. I bet more people read it then you think. Perhaps they're just shy about commenting. I even clicked on the ads and I NEVER EVER do that. Have a great weekend and I'm heading to the city on Monday.