Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mr. Cheery-O

Matthew loves to pull himself up on anything he can get his little hands on. He especially, likes to climb on this little chair (it's in the shape of a baseball glove) and then tries to stand up on his own. He is pretty good at it now but eventually takes a tumble. 

He also can get up the steps pretty good.

Don't let the above photos fool you (they were taken awhile back) it was another rough week of very little sleep for me and lots of crying and general fussiness from Matthew. He had a 103.5 fever on Wednesday. I stayed home with him on Thursday, which was wonderful for me. Even when he is sick he is still so dang precious. He has been sick since before 4th of July weekend. His ears are healing but he still is taking medicine for the thrush and he has a red sore throat. We also suspect that another tooth is breaking through on the top. So he should have two front teeth and two bottom teeth soon. The sooner the better and then we can all go back to sleep. 

Here is Matthew's first experience with Cheerios. 

This video was taken last weekend when he was feeling a little better. He loves the Jumperoo. Turn off the sound so you don't have to hear my awful voice!


Paula said...

I just spent some time visiting your blog for the first time. Your boys are charmers and so handsome, too! Although I live in Oregon, I was born, raised, educated and got married in Northwest Indiana (Valparaiso). I attended Andrean Highschool in Merrillville, and my hubby took some classes at Purdue Calumet. In one of your messages, you mentioned eating at Gino's East, and it brought back so many memories of when we ate there years ago. We visited "home" last summer for a family reunion, and enjoyed the familiar sights in downtown Chicago ... the Museum, the Aquarium, the Lakeshore, American Girl Store, and then dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. I was happy to get to eat a Chicago Style Hot Dog, as well. My kids enjoyed swimming in Lake Michigan, and it was so hard to leave everyone. Anyway ... great blog and enjoy Indiana. It's was a great place to grow up, and I miss it!

JoeG said...

Thanks for the note, Paula. It's nice to hear from former Hoosiers who have escaped the New Jersey of the Midwest. (I say that with nothing but love for this place.) I graduated from Crown Point High and Purdue Cal.

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