Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot and Sour Soup

I made a very easy Vietnamese/Cambodian hot and sour soup tonight. Some people think that soups are complicated but I find that they are so super easy and I love that they are nourishing and comforting.

These are all the ingredients you need to make the basic stock for the Canh Chua Ca, which traditionally calls for a fish but I didn't use any seafood in mine this time.
Just 5 main ingredients ya'll!!

Start by following the directions on the soup packet. 
Then add chopped tomatoes, a can of pineapples, a small can of pineapple juice, a few dashes of good fish sauce (nuoc mam). Adjust the flavor of the soup with some sugar until you get the perfect sweet/sour taste, and you are good to go. 
Garnish with bean sprouts. If you want to add some fish you can try a good firm fish like sea bass or snapper. My mom even used shrimp on occasion.

In my opinion, the soup is much taster once the bean sprouts soften up in the hot soup. I have always love the tangy, sweet, hot and sour combination of this soup. Hope you do too!

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