Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Bumble Bee - now 10 Months old!

I wanted to make see if Matthew could fit into Dylan's old Halloween costume to make sure I didn't have to buy him a new one. It is almost too small for him, he can barely sit up or crawl in it. If he starts walking before Halloween we will be o.k. Which might happen because he is now able to stand on his own (without holding anything) for quite some time without falling over. But as soon as he wants to move he hits the floor crawling. We think he is very very close to taking that first step though. Super exciting!

Here is my baby  bumble bee. He doesn't stay still for long so the photos of him are always a bit blurry. My point and shoot camera just isn't fast enough!

Dylan wants to be a Power Ranger (RED!) or a Transformer (Optimus Prime), he can't make up his mind. He definitely wants a Transformers (animated series, not the scary motion picture version) party for his 4th birthday though. He has been telling everyone that for weeks now.

I decided to add this super grainy video of Matthew standing. He was too interested in Joe's camera to really "perform" for us. But you get the idea. The video is worth watching to the end because he starts clapping for himself.  Please excuse my Hello Kitty pj pants and "Free Tibet" t-shirt!

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