Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brown Chicken Brown Cow Weekend

We got together with some of Joe's friends from his Detroit days and rented a beautiful lake house last weekend. We ate and drank in excess (thanks T!) and stayed up late every night.
I know Joe really enjoyed catching up with his friends, it was a really nice weekend and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Too much food!

Dylan made a new friend, here he is with 6 year old Genevieve. She was a super cutie and very patient with 3 year old Dylan!

Here is our view from the master suite of the lake house. We had great panoramic views of the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan.

A great photo of me and the boys (minus 1).

Joe and Matthew at the beach.

Dylan got to go sailing (sort of) on Tim's boat. Dylan got in and freaked out so they brought him straight back to shore. The kid can ride the "Super Shot" at the local fair but is too scared of sharks to go out on a small sail boat on the lake (where there aren't any sharks anyway!)

Joe's friends have a warped sense of humor.

Little Bears fans. Too bad the Bears suck already this year!

Joe & I brought a bottle of limoncello that we got in Capri when we were there. Everyone had a shot of it to toast our upcoming 5 year wedding anniversary.

There was a lot of time on the deck, drinking and singing songs. Eric and Di played the guitar and we had Joey-aoke (Joe's version of karaoke).

There are tons more photos in the Flickr album!


Diana said...

Are you sure there are no sharks? I could've sworn I saw one munching on Dylan's head back at the house. ;)

dp said...

I must have a warped sense of humor too because the beer can picture is hilarious! We have a picture of Sonny drinking an old fashioned root beer in a bottle. Looked like he was chugging a real beer. LOL

Tammy Boehman said...

Looks like you guys had a blast though we did miss getting to meet Matthew and introducing you to Amaya. The pic of you and the boys in the hammock chair is adorable. Take care. Tammy