Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pit Bull Palin

Like millions of other Americans, we were glued to the television last night to see “the pit bull with lipstick”, Sarah Palin’s, acceptance speech. I am not going to get all political on you but just wanted to pass along a few sites that I am reading. Go check out the super intelligent moms at MoMocrats where they write about politics from a parent’s perspective. I also enjoyed the readers’ comments on Shine, which is usually a little more balanced and fun to read and gives you the perspective from both sides (and you can catch up on your fashion and entertainment news in one swoop).

Palin’s speech left me disgusted and angry. Sadly, I can’t be bothered to listen to McCain tonight. McCain-Palin camp has a long way to go if they are ever going to get my vote.

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