Friday, October 3, 2008

5 Year Wedding Anniversary and Homemade Pizza - Now That's Amore!!

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary!

Five years ago Joe and I were married on a balcony overlooking the Italian Mediterranean surrounded by 27 love ones.  When I think of our wedding day and that time in Italy it seems like a surreal dream. We are looking forward to a romantic dinner tomorrow (sans kids!), but today we celebrated our wedding anniversary by making pizza with Dylan. It was very fun and yummy too. Dylan doesn't usually like pizza but he ate quite a lot of it tonight.

Growing up my mom would make pizza from scratch - making her own pizza dough and sauce and she always used the freshest ingredients. Actually, I don't think I ate a frozen pizza until I was in college. My mom was an amazing cook - everything was made from scratch, and can you believe that we didn't even have a microwave oven until 1986!

Tonight I kept the ingredients for our pizzas very simple - turkey pepperoni, mozzarella, black olives etc. but I was inspired to make one of the pizzas using this tomato goat cheese tart recipe. I substituted some of the ingredients (i.e. pizza dough instead of phyllo, onions instead of leeks etc) but the result was still delish! Next time I am going to add some zucchini to the mushroom/onion saute.

Very "rustic" but very tasty. The dough was Pillsbury Pizza Dough, which was a life saver, cause who has time to roll dough when chasing a baby around the house!
p.s. there are more photos in our Flickr album.


Anonymous said...

Hey, happy wedding anniversary! You look so pretty on your day. A lot of changes in 5 years. love, fran

dp said...

Happy Anniversary! Getting married in Italy must have been so romantic! We spend many of our anniversaries at home now that we have Sonny. It's nice that way.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great evening. Yummy. Now, you guys get some much-needed couple time. Have a wonderful evening!

QGIRL said...

Thanks ladies! we had a really nice anniversary, just the two of us. But I do really enjoy having the kids with us just as much. only difference is that it is almost impossible to have a conversation without telling Dylan that "mommy and daddy are talking now" he is saying "excuse me, excuse me" and trying to butt in. LOL.

Diana said...

Seems like only yesterday! Congratulations!

Daddio said...

Thanks, Di Sure does seem like yesterday.