Sunday, October 12, 2008

County Line Orchard

We packed up the boys and went to the County Line Orchard today. It was a very warm 85 degrees day, so definitely not fall-like but a beautiful day none-the-less to get out and enjoy the sun and fall colors.

We've heard so much about County Line and so maybe I had big expectations. Overall, it was a good time but I am not sure I would go back for a visit any time soon. First of all it was a very commercial place. Last year I took Dylan to Southlake Stables, which was a quaint little pumpkin farm with enough to do for the kids and much less expensive than County Line.

Because of the mild temps the place was totally mobbed today. Too many people, so many lines and very chaotic. It was really hard work to spend money there. I stood in line for 10 minutes to buy an apple pie and people kept cutting in front of me, I finally gave up and walked away from the pie counter. We wanted to buy so much more in the Big Barn store but it was impossible to navigate through there with a stroller and a wandering Dylan. We left without even buying a bag of apples.

Later, I stood in line for roasted corn on the cob only to get to the front of the line and be told that there was no corn for another 15 minutes. Ugh. I gave up on that too. We must have found someone to take our money though because we ended up spending like $80+ there. The bulk of that was $30 just to get into the place and about $30 towards 4 big pumpkins and 3 mini pumpkins. I could have gotten the exact same pumpkins at the grocery store for about $15.

Still, it was nice to pet some farm animals, go on an animal themed choo choo ride and try some amazing apple cinnamon donuts and apple cider. Dylan fed some goats and enjoyed shopping the Halloween decorated gift store. He is totally into Halloween now.

The biggest disappointment was that we never got to walk through the apple orchard.

I am a big believer of second chances, especially if it means that we can go back and try the pumpkin donuts next time. It will be awhile though, I got to save up some dough first!

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dp said...

The first pumpkin patch we ever took Sonny to (a couple of years ago) was very commercial. They had a huge corn maze and it was like $10 per adult and $7 per child. Goodness! And everything was crowded too. Not really fun. Sonny most enjoyed the free stuff, like sitting on top of a tractor and jumping on top of the hay bales. We should have skipped the maze.

Last year we found a smaller patch and had a lot of fun, but when we went back this year, it was packed. I guess word got around. Still they had a lot of things for kids to do and it was only $3 per person for the farm animal tour, giant slides and other games. We also paid $2 per person for their barrel train ride around the farm. That was fun.

Finding low cost stuff to do with the family can be challenging, huh? Turns out the best outings we had were free. Once to a beach on the Oregon coast (free parking even!) and then taking a tour of the waterfalls just outside Portland.