Sunday, November 16, 2008

We survived Matthew's 1st birthday party!

We had 30 people at our house for Matthew's 1st birthday party yesterday. We didn't party naked or anything, contrary to what the t-shirt said (thanks Aunt T!) but it was super fun all the same.

There are more photos in our Flickr album in the sidebar. 

Thank you everyone for coming and for all the great gifts. A special thanks to Kim, Aunt T, Gene and Sandra all that helped us clean up after I had to go tend to Matthew after he puked his brains out.  Yeah, it really isn't a party until the guest-of-honor pukes. Rock on Matthew!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! We're so excited about your first b-day and so sorry we couldn't come to the big bash. Hope to see you all very very soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Your cake looks super yum!--Fran