Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days Until Christmas!

OMG, I only have 25 more days to get all my Christmas shopping done. I suppose I should get started on that!

Here is Dylan opening the 1st window in his chocolate Advent calendar. He can't wait to open window #2. He already looked for it and found it. It is so hard to be patient!

On another note.. every time Dylan acts up or misbehaves all Joe has to do is threaten to tell Santa. Dylan straightens up really fast. He is so afraid of being put on the naughty list. It is so great. We even had to call Santa on the phone last night when Dylan threw a tantrum before dinner. Joe pretended to talk to Santa on the phone for about 2 minutes. Dylan was so scared. He got really quiet and was super good for the rest of the night. I love this power. (cue loud cackling laugh) We have to milk this for as long as we can!

Here are some more photos we took over the weekend.

Here is Matthew getting ready for his first Carousel ride. He held on all by himself after the ride started. Joe was there to spot him of course!

About Meal Planning this week. We are still working on eating leftovers! Tomorrow, I am making turkey lasagna with wheat noodles. We have a busy week so the lasagna will last about 2 days. Later in the week we are attending a Christmas Program at the day care, we have a birthday party on Saturday and my company holiday party Saturday night. I suppose I won't be doing much cooking this week!


jen said...

I love that Joe made a phone call to Santa! Does he have the Easter Bunny's number, too? Might come in handy after Christmas has come and gone.

QGIRL said...

Good idea Jen! we were wondering what we were going to do after Christmas.