Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wicked Cold

It was a brutal week weather-wise in Chicago/NWI. We had double digit sub-zero temps all week making the commute to work for me exhausting and bitter. One morning it was -50F with the windchill. Wind chill is a big thing to consider in Chicago. You dress for the windchill not the 'real feel' temp.

I am posting these photos for my Texas family and friends. A girlfriend from Dallas once came to visit us during winter and was so excited to help shovel snow. She was giddy about snow. I forgot how that feels to see so much snow and be happy about it.
Joe spent 2 hours one night last week shoveling the snow out of our driveway and sidewalks. I don't think giddy is a word I'd use to discribe his feelings about the experience!

Check it..Crazy long icicles around our house. Some were at least 5 feet long. Downside of owning an 80 year old home - poor heat retention.

Piles and piles of snow in the parking lot of Target. There were dozens of piles, bigger than our SUV. You don't see snow like this in Dallas/Ft. Worth!

I am so ready for Spring.

Heck, I'll settle for temps in the 20's! Which is what the weather man is promising for us next week. Lucky us.


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Wow. That's cold.

The Accessory Lady said...

Those icicle photos really paint the frigid picture! It's been cold in NYC but not as intense as in your area. Hope it warms up soon for all of us.

dp said...

I am so over winter weather. I definitely could not hack it out there! And for some reason I've been plagued with one cold after another. Forget spring, I want summer!

Lisa said...

It's good you posted those pics. I agree I just don't think most people truly understand what we deal with in the Midwest. It's so awful but you're right - this week has been much better so far!