Monday, October 12, 2009

3 kids and a mall..

I took the kids to the mall today (by myself). I know, am I out of my mind, you say? Yes! Yes!

We survived (just barely) and had a good time in the process. Matthew did try to make an escape a few times but overall he was very obedient! Dylan was a huge help and loved the role of big brother/mommy's helper.

Holding Matthew down before he runs for the escalators. He loves escalators!

Brotherly love.

They were told to keep their hands on the stroller at all times. They actually helped me push it along. Team work!

When we got home Dylan helped me love on Carson while I got Matthew down for his nap. He really loves his littlest brother!

Actually, they both love to kiss and touch Carson constantly! Here are photos from yesterday morning..

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