Monday, October 5, 2009

5 Weeks Old

Carson is 5 weeks old tomorrow. 
Carson in front of my monster basil plant (half of it was given to our neighbor yesterday).

Amazing that we survived the 1st month. Actually, he is a very easy baby (I hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that). He put himself on a schedule. His nap times have been predictable from the 2nd week, which makes my life easy. I am still trying to reign in his eating habits. I am feeding him on demand but trying to work in a more consistent schedule by giving him a bottle of breast milk at least once a day. He is doing well.

The rest of the family?? Actually, we are doing pretty good too! I expected that our life would be turned upside down, so having such expectations helped prepare me maybe.

Life with three boys is non-stop, as you can imagine. It has been a lesson in diplomacy and patience. Basically, usually one wants what the other has and therefore one is crying or whining or pouting. Then there will be peace for a nano second before the bickering starts up again. Our house is rarely quiet.

Then there are the sleep issues. Actually, the baby sleeps better than anyone else in the house. Dylan comes second -he will sleep through the night but wakes up at the crack of dawn (literally), then Joe (who is a night owl, but loves to sleep-in), then mom (I am dead to the world by 10 pm but wake every 2-3 hours usually to nurse or referee the other kids through the night), followed by Matthew. Matthew was a fantastic sleeper until we moved him to the toddler bed. And right now he has a nasty cold so he isn't sleeping well at all. He is gets up at around 2-3 am and likes to crawl into our bed and finish out the night there. The bed gets mighty crowded with everyone in our bed by 6 am every day.

And the finances! I have noticed that our grocery bill has pretty much doubled in the last few months. I am sure it has to do with the price of groceries in general, but we also are spending about $60 every two weeks for diapers, wipes and night-time Pull-Ups. We will go bankrupt once the baby starts on formula. UGH!
I won't even mention the daycare expense. Let's put it this way. Once all the boys are out of daycare, Joe and I will be able to afford a Lexus or vacation home on the lake, if we wanted.

But enough of my whining! Here are some photos of the boys from the park today. It was a gorgeous Fall day!

I can't believe that Matthew will be  2 years old next month!

Dylan holding Matthew's hand.
Dylan's hair is a mess. I am happy to get them dressed, teeth brushed and out of the house. Hair is a battle not worth fighting! LOL!

Double trouble!

Watching the big excavator across the street.

While we were at the park, a work crew drove up and started working in front of a house that is across from the park. The boys were mesmerized by the excavator and dump trucks. 
One of the dump trucks was really loud and Matthew got a little scared. Dylan reached out and took his hand and calmed him down saying "Hold my hand Matthew. Don't cry, don't cry." So sweet and cute!

When the baby cries, Matthew will say the same thing to him over and over,  "don't cry, don't cry baby." 

Even though they bicker and compete over toys, deep down they really love each other. There is hope for us!

My maternity leave is zooming by! We are enjoying the fall temps and getting out as much as possible. Soon it will be burning leaves and roasting marshmallow time. I can't wait to light up the fire pit!


Anonymous said...

Great update Quyen! I love your firepit area...and your basil plant! At least you are sleeping a little, but I hope you guys have a king bed since everyone ends up in there! :-) How cute was that when Dylan held Matthew's precious! Love, Christy

dp said...

I so hear you about the daycare expenses. Thank goodness Sonny is in elementary school now and we don't have to shell out $800/month anymore! I shudder when I think about it.