Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin pick'n

Over a week ago I took the boys to Kregel's pumpkin patch for their pre-school class outing. It was a distaster of a day. 

It took me 1.5 hours to get there because of the rain and horrendous traffic on 80/94, a trip that should have taken maybe 30-45 minutes. 

Anyway, because we were so late we weren't able to pick any pumpkins. But the kids fed the animals and I had a few photo opps.

Since we weren't able to get any pumpkins, Joe and I took them to a great discount veggie stand and let them pick some pumpkins there. We got 5 pumpkins and a watermelon for $12. Super deal! Can't wait to carve them. Remember the amazing pumpkins that Joe carved last year?
Should be interesting to see if he can top that. Ha! 

Matthew was so excited by all the pumpkins!

And because I have to post a recent photo of Carson, here he is at 6 weeks old. Getting big. He is now 11.5 lbs!


dp said...

WOW! I've not been able to keep up with reading my favorite blogs lately, but what a nice surprise to come back to! Your Carson is a cutie and big brothers are getting so big! They are all so handsome.

QGIRL said...

Thank you! I've been keeping up with your blog, but haven't been able to leave a comment. Usually, I have Carson in my arms and it is too hard to type with one hand!
Your recipes always inspire!