Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Tree!

Lights on the house - check.
Nativity set up - check.
Christmas decorations up - check.
Christmas cards ordered - check.
Gift list - check.
Christmas tree up - check check.

Yay! We are officially ready for Christmas. 

This year we set up a train around the bottom of the Christmas tree for the boys. It falls over sideways at the slightest touch. Now I am constantly telling the boys - no yelling at them DON'T TOUCH THE TRAIN. Try it about 30 times a day. Fun times.

Here they are checking out the train with Joe.

Notice the lack of decorations at the bottom of the tree. Matthew "the destroyer" has sticky fingers.

Of course we had to play our annual Christmas game of find the pickle. Dylan found it straight away. The kid is so smart! He helped us decorate this year. He is becoming my super helper.

We had to trade in the Charlie stocking for a Carson stocking.
Forever a family of five!
Happy holidays everyone.

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