Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm lame!

Sorry for not posting lately. 

The kids have been sick and are still getting over being sick. I was sick for a few days and mainly we have been just doing nothing really, just life stuff i.e. looking and interviewing for a job, organizing and prepping the basement for a make-over, learning to sit up and roll over, playing hours of Wii, cooking, eating out, trying not to go stir crazy in our little house until the weather warms up, going to birthday parties, reading lots of books, getting geared up for Spring soccer. Just to list a few things.

Here is a photo diary. I haven't been great at taking photos either. Lame I know, but I really haven't felt the need to document every event in our lives - oh wait, isn't that the purpose of having a blog. Oops, my bad. LOL.

Big boy sitting up!
Face painting. Dylan painted these leaves on himself.
BFF Eric's party. 5 year olds RULE!
Noah and "his" Matthew.
Building forts on a cold, snowy day.

Matthew my good eater.
Carson trying out a sippy cup.
At Jason  & Jenn's house for dinner and some wine. Joe's lost some weight, can you tell?
Joe and Jenn.
Getting ready to do our taxes, these are just the health insurance papers I'm trying to organize.
A trip to Costco, and Carson's first tme sitting up in a shopping cart.


Anonymous said...

Finally, some new pics and family news! I have missed you terribly!

Leslie XOXOO

Lisa said...

Hey don't feel bad about not posting - I'm more than a month out - total loser. I NEED to get back to it soon. All in due time. Carson looks so big - especially compared to Chance. I haven't even tried the sippy cup yet. Looks like it went well. Wow!