Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carson's 6 months photos

We headed to Sears yesterday for Carson's 6 month portraits (there is a 20% off coupon running now ya'll) . I really wanted to get a good family portrait and also one with just all three boys. Needless to say that it was a very challenging thing to accomplish. I am sure you've already guess which one of us created the challenge. It only took about 10 minutes before Matthew had a full blown meltdown and had to be taken out.

Matthew being a handful. Literally.
He likes to put his fingers in his mouth when he is upset or scared. 
Still, I think this is my favorite family pic. Notice the reptilian hands on me. What happened to some of my digits??

Aren't my boys the cutiest! Last decent photo before Matt's meltdown.
I didn't buy new clothes for them (or for myself). Next time I will coordinate a little better.

Carson was so good and we got some super sweet photos of him. Here are a few.

Over the summer, I would love to get some professional shots of them at the Dunes on the beach. Can't wait!


Lisa said...

What cute photos! You all look wonderful!!I wish we'd do regular photos. I'm always impressed with how good you guys are at the regular pics. Oh - we also love the meltdown pics too - those can actually be the best.

Anonymous said...

Planting an herb garden so that you can make fresh are you industrious! I can barely get my clothes on in the morning. I love the pictures of the kids, and you do not look even remotely reptilian. Love, Leslie xoxoxo