Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Products that we like

Carson's leg warmers. I love Baby Legs. If I could get away with it I'd buy 50 pairs! I also wear them on my arms and ankles, and Matthew likes them too. But nobody rocks them as well as Carson. 

Carson is lovin' bath time. No more baby baths for us!! We had all three boys in the bath the other day. Carson loved it. Mom did too (talk about multi-tasking) until I had to clean all the water that splashed on the floor. 

The boys love to color the water with Color Dotz. You drop different colors in to make new colors. It was St. Patty's this week, so we tried making green. These color drops have made bath time much easier for me!! No more crying about having a bath. Dylan hates baths, which is surprising considering what a clean freak he can be.

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Anonymous said...

I need Color Dotz! What an awesome idea! XOXO Leslie