Monday, May 31, 2010

9 Months Old and he's already been to Milwaukee!

Baby Carson (as the boys call him) turns 9 months old tomorrow!

He is crawling everywhere, climbing steps (not so good and going down steps though) and can even stand up on his own for a few seconds. Not close to walking yet. Although, Matthew started walking at around 9 months old, so we will see...

I can't get a good photo of Carson's toothy smile. He has 6 teeth now!

We like to dance! He also loves to wave hello now. At first it was the "royal wave" just waving to himself.

Over the weekend, we had some great adventures in Milwaukee. It was my first time to Wisconsin (yeah, I've lived a sheltered life!)

We had fun flying a kite at a kite flying festival on the lakeshore. Enjoyed the beautiful weather checking out the lake and skyline via cruising on a fun bike called a Surrey. We must have been a sight to see!

Yes, that is poor Carson passed out in the front!

We found a stage and of course the boys had to be goofy!
Shell chair at the hotel.
Pillow fight!

Dylan loved the pool table at the hotel. We stayed at ALoft, a W Hotel concept. It was swank! Located right on the river walk.

Playing percussion in front of the Discovery World.

Thai food for dinner. Matthew striking a pose.

At the kite festival, the boys climbed a rock wall. Matthew was fearless! He got halfway up. But the rocks were spaced too far apart for him to get all the way up.

That is Matthew on the right! Joe is pointing out the rocks for him to put his feet on.

Of course, Joe had to try it out. He such a kid at heart!!

We also checked out the Bronze Fonz. The boys had no clue but it was fun.

Love this photo of Dylan and Joe. Speaking of the cutest 5 year old on the planet. He graduated Pre-K last week!


geishagurl said...

Love the update on your blog today Quyen...Milwaukee looked like a lot of fun and the kids (including Joe)haha, looked like they had a the bronze Fonz and I want that shell chair from the hotel! Happy you guys had a nice time in Wisconsin...I have never been either, sooooo sheltered! LOL

Love, Christy

geishagurl said...

btw: congrats Dylan!!!!!

Love, Christy

Anonymous said...

You guys do so much cool stuff! What a great city tour you had over the holiday weekend. Could Dylan get ANY cuter??? Love, Leslie XOXOX