Monday, July 5, 2010

It's a wonder that I didn't turn into a mimosa.

We had a very laid back, fun 4th of July weekend.

The best part is that we didn't have to go any further than a 5 mile radius of our house to find some good times with lots of water, sun, carnival rides, BBQ and beers and sparkling wine.

We kicked off the weekend with date night. I took (ok dragged) Joe to see Eclipse. Don't worry, it wasn't a total waste, I enjoyed seeing Jacob's abs enough for the two of us. After the ab-fest, we tried out a new local Italian restaurant and enjoyed a few appetizers and libations. Prosecco for me and chocolate martinis for all.

Saturday was exhausting fun as we managed to squeeze a backyard BBQ lunch with Joe's dad, followed by a very hot afternoon at the Highland 4th of July Festival/Carnival, and then several hours of the twilight parade, where we met up with our soccer friends. We all slept well that night! Grandpa was a trooper, the kids had a blast with him.

The kids loved the carnival rides, see Matthew squeal with joy on the Dragon rollercoaster -
A little tamer on the flying dragons. All together now.. Puff the magic dragon...

Dylan rode many of the scarier rides. I am scared of heights so when he went on the Super Shot and The Edge, I was pretty darn proud of him!
80 feet high in the air!

Met up with the Reinharts for the 4th of July parade in Highland. It was so hot and Carson did not do well in the heat. The boys (and Grandpa) were troopers, holding out for the free candy. We ended up leaving early.

Sunday was a little more chill.
Started the day with more mimosas (3 -days in a row with the mimosas!) and "Red, white & blue" pancakes.

Later in the morning the kids played in the backyard in the baby pool and slip-n-slide.

Hamburgers on the grill for lunch (Omaha Steaks burgers are purty darn tasty, ya'll) and then a very long afternoon nap for all - even mom (yay!). We headed back to the festival for dinner and more rides and then watched the fireworks. The baby loved them and was totally enthralled, squealing with delight at every explosion, unlike his two brothers. They were too busy pestering the people around us with peek-a-boo games.

Here is Carson after enjoying a nice raspberry snow cone. Boy is that bib nasty looking. But he is super cute!

Dancing to the carnival music. The boys love the song Party in the USA. I can't believe I have a Miley Cyrus song on my iPod. UGH.

Sunday, we headed to the Munster Pool for more chill-axing, and had a blast splashing at the kiddy pool and lounging in the sun. Joe even took a ride down the big slide.
Here's Carson on the pool chairs, what a laid back dude he is!

Totally exhausted after 4 hours in the sun, the boys (all 4) took 2-3 hour naps. I managed to finished a book in peace and quiet.

A very successful weekend!
These really are the best times of our lives and I try to remind myself of that daily. How did this girl get so lucky? Loving life and my beautiful family!

Bonus photo..
Oh, and at sometime during the weekend I found this sitting in Matthew's right ear. His ear tube fell out. For all you moms and dads out there that have never actually seen the elusive tube, here it is. Nice and crusty for your viewing pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Yes, girlfriend, you are one lucky gal. And you have four even luckier boys. Sounds like the weekend was FAB. BTW, it is a miracle I didn't turn into a Corona. Love, Leslie XOXOXO

Lisa said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. We really do need to get together soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the added pics!!! XOXO Leslie