Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Frankenstein

We finally managed to film Carson walking. He still prefers to crawl (fast!) but day-by-day he is walking more and more.
Too bad we managed to capture the moment when he was shirtless. And the toy room messy. Classy.

Carson at 10 months and 3 weeks old.

A few weeks ago, at his last doctor's appointment, he measured in the 20th percentile for weight and over 90th percentile for height.

He never took to baby jar food, actually he has never been a great eater. So we started him early on "table food" and so far he is eating much better. I am still trying to wean him from breast milk, he never really liked formula, so I started him on regular milk this week (yay!)

He now calls mama mama, but only when he is in dire need. You know, like when he wants more Cheerios, or wants to get out of the gated family room. The sound of "mama!" is music to my ears.


Anonymous said...

My heart melts at how precious this child is! Love, Leslie XOXOO

QGIRL said...

Thank you Leslie. Did you notice that he had a haircut?
Nana B did her magic on for his first haircut about 2 weeks ago.
thanks for leaving all the nice comments! Glad to know that I have at least one person reading this blog!

Lisa said...

LOVE the pictures! What a cutie. It's funny because Chance is in the 90TH percentile for WEIGHT. He just got HUGE on me, and only 50th for height. Not walking yet, but closer.