Sunday, October 3, 2010

Double Happiness - Today we had lots to celebrate: Our 7-Year Wedding Anniversary & Carson's Baptism

Some of the fam..

Seven years and three kids later...

Bob is the Godfather and Nana B served as proxy, as my sister who is the Godmother wasn't able to make it today. We really missed her!

We love Father Jerry!

Carson was a tad ornery at the chapel. Probably had something to do with being made to wear a sailor boy Baptism gown that was probably a size too small for him. Either that or he's teething. He is just lucky that I didn't make him wear the matching sailor hat!
Dylan wore the same Baptism outfit it at 6-months old and Matthew wore it at 4-months old. Yeah, we procrastinated a tad on Carson's Baptism. hmm, I wonder why.. is pretty crazy with so many kids in the family!

The best picture of Carson today! Thank you Aunt T for taking all the photos and video of the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

All the pics are great from the baptism....the one of you and Carson at the end is your hair! You should have made Joe wear the sailor hat your family blog...and when you captioned that pic of you guys 7 years and 3 kids later...awhhhh!
:-) Ciao, Christy

QGIRL said...

thanks for all your nice comments Christy. I really hope we can get together one day so that you can meet our boys in person!

Anonymous said...

Sailor outfit??? You know how I LOVE stripes! What great photos of an amazing week of double happiness. Congrats on 7 years of chaotic bliss! Love, Leslie XOXO