Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our little lion cub (in Matthew's old costume).


Power Rangers! Dylan and Matthew team up, for once. Matthew wearing Dylan's old Red Power Rangers costume (with the pant legs rolled up. a lot.)
Can you tell that he looks up to Dylan so much.

Pumpkins we carved last weekend and that are now rotting..(click to open and see a better view).

Tag-along Matt..can barely keep up. Dylan long-legs is on the move!
Open up this photo and check out Matthew looking at Dylan. So cute.

This house was extra spooky. Look who was brave enough to go first!

Checking out the loot!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The pumpkins are soooo artistic. The boys look absolutely adorable in their costumes. I hope they got lots of treats and didn't do too many tricks!! Love, Leslie XOXOO

dp said...

Too cute! Sometimes I regret that Sonny doesn't have a younger sibling to experience things with.

Sonny was Darth Maul. We'll never do that again. Took me forever to get the face paint off.