Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boy of Summer

It is really rare that I get home from work early enough on a perfect weather day and have the energy to take Dylan for an afternoon at the "big" park, as he likes to call it. The big park being Wicker Park which is walking distance from our house. Being pregnant though, I saved my energy and instead of walking we packed up the truck with a wagon full of sand toys, a toy bulldozer and drove there.

Here are some photos of an afternoon spent climbing, sliding and playing in the sand. Dylan is quite the daredevil now and can pretty much climb up on anything himself (he is born year of the monkey, afterall!) After taking about a dozen photos I sat down and actually read a magazine for about 10 minutes uninterrupted (a true luxury when Dylan is around, let me tell you!)

I really enjoy reading Real Simple magazine and this month they have a Family edition that has some great parenting tips and stories. If you like (one of my favorite parenting blogs) you'll want to pick up the magazine, she has a short piece in there.


Have I mentioned that Dylan doesn't sleep? I thought a few hours in the park after a day at daycare would bring on some serious sleep, but no such luck. He was up again at 3 am until 5:30 am this morning. UGH. So hard when I have to be up at 6 am for work. I am averaging about 4 hours a sleep a night these days.

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