Saturday, September 1, 2007

Major Project #2: Renovating our English Tudor

For the last month we haven't had windows on one side of our house. Which has been so much fun (not) with a dog, a toddler and a month of torrential storms. None of us has had a decent night of sleep - do you know how loud storms and night noises are without windows! Of course we had a sheet of Tyvek covering the holes, but still.

Joe can go into detail about what he is doing to the house. But here are some photos of our kitchen cabinets waiting to be assembled, our new stainless steel appliances waiting to be unwrapped and Joe removing the stucco and windows, with his friend Bob Jen.

Joe is amazing with home renovations. I am always impressed of the work he does, most of it self-taught. In the past, he has installed new hardwood floors, tile, plumbing and even some electrical. The coolest project was the 9 foot pergola and flagstone patio he built at his old townhouse. I still drive by that house when I am in that neighborhood to check it out -always secretly hoping that the new owner has growing bougainvillea on it.

Today we are finally installing the new stucco and windows, which will finally make the rooms usable again - one being Dylan's room and the other the baby's room. I am so excited, because I will finally be able to start decorating the baby's room.

Originally, we wanted to do a surfer/beach theme. But since I haven't found anything locally with that theme and didn't want to buy everything off the internet we are now changing the theme to a retro baseball/sport theme. I love the Land of Nod stuff and will try to replicate it.

We (when I say we, I mean Joe) will also start gutting out the kitchen this weekend. Which kinda puts me in a panic mode. It is going to be a long month of sandwiches and take out. Not to mention the dust and Dylan and the dog getting into everything. On the bright side, I don't have to do any cooking or housekeeping for awhile! Cool!

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