Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quyen and I should have started ths blog around before Dylan was born, but, hey, better late than never!

Dylan will turn 3 on December 14, about three weeks after our next child is born. Dylan will have a little bother to terrorize come late November. We haven't decided on a name yet, so please don't ask.

Dylan amazes us every day. He can carry on a conversation with us, using words perhaps only mommy and daddy can understand. He's been reciting the alphabet for about a year now. The letter he has the most trouble with is the only letter with more than one syllable. (I can about hear everyone recite the alphabet, smiling sheepishly when they get to "W")

He loves playing with his cars, the little match box kind that hurt like hell when you step on one without wearing shoes. Before he became fond crashing them, it was so cute to watch him line 'em up oh so carefully like a train. He would organize them buy color -- all the yellow cars over here, the blue cars over there -- a trait, no doubt, inherited from his Aunt Julie. One day he turned all the cars upside down, turned to mommy and daddy and said, finger to mouth, "Shhh. Cars sleeping." Where does he get this stuff? His burgeoning imagination is a joy to watch and hear. We sometimes catch him talking to his cars, and making them talk to one another.

His favorite car: Lightning McQueen from the "Cars" movie; his favorite move for a long time. I swear to God, we have had to sit through that damn movie dozens of times. I think we know every line. His new favorite movie is Rug Rats. He has two or three of them.

Well, it's time to mow the grass before the next weeklong thunderstorm rolls in and makes my grass grow even taller. With any luck, Dylan will be pushing his little mower behind me. I love him a little more each day.

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QGIRL said...

Dylan has about 30 Matchbox cars now. God help us! He also has about 4 Thomas the Train sets and 10 trains.
He is starting to really get into Playmobil now thanks to mommy (her and her siblings oved Playmobil growing up!)