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Dear Dylan on your second birthday - December 14, 2006

Here is something I wrote when Dylan turned two last year. I can't believe he will be three soon. This year is zooming by!

Dylan's daycare helped him make this "hat" for his 2nd birthday.

Dylan is already multi-tasking at 2 years old! (Also, notice that he already favors his left hand.)

We do a small celebration on his actual birthday and then a big party with friends and family later.

December 14, 2006

Today you turn two. Happy Birthday baby, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You have been such a joy, and a whole new world of discovery to us and so full of fun. We love seeing the world through your big blue eyes. It is like everything is new again, but in full Technicolor and high definition.

The other day you noticed the Christmas lights strung in the trees along the road and you squealed with delight. “WHAT’S THAT!!!” you demanded, I craned my head around to see what you were looking at and it was so wonderful to see how the simplest things make you happy and curious. You see everything like that, with amazement and wonder. I said “Christmas lights in the trees Dylan, pretty huh?” and you said “uh huh” nodding your head furiously and making twinkle twinkle motions with your hands, like you do when you sing the song “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”. I am so amazed by how well you can comprehend things now. The lights really did look like twinkling stars in the trees.

The teacher at daycare calls you “our little genius”. She tells me that you are a quiet and smart little guy. You sometimes don’t say much, but then out of the blue you’ll start counting to ten or singing the alphabet. We never knew it was in you and it is like a little miracle when you show us that there is a smart, curious person inside that brain of yours.

When we were at your annual cardiologist appointment earlier this week, you made us so proud. You were fascinated by the stickers and wires used for the EKG. You let the nurse practitioner stick the wires on you, helping her count “one, two, three”, etc as they were being placed on you, so cooperative and without a fuss. You sat really still while the machine did the reading. We were all holding our breath, and it was like you knew that it was a serious thing and we were all praying for a good reading. You let Dr. Randolph lay you down while he took your pelvic blood pressure. Your EKG and blood pressure readings were excellent. Your coarctation repair is a great success. We were so relieved and overjoyed with your development and heart health. We were so proud of your cooperation during the appointment. When the doctor left the room you exclaimed in great excitement “ALL DONE! Bye bye”. Well said little buddy, our sentiments exactly. We don’t have to see Dr. Randolph again for a year. Another blessing.

For your birthday party we are doing a Thomas the train theme. You love “choo, choos” and also Blues Clues. Elmo is still a favorite. For a time there you knew how to say Elmo before you could say ma ma. I broke my heart a little, but I am over it now. Lol. You are so incredibly attached to your daddy. You have so much fun playing hiding games, and rough housing. He is so wonderful with you, very hands-on and always excited to see you after work, so much so that sometimes you don’t get to bed until past 10 pm because you are both playing so together for so long. I love to see the special relationship you have with your daddy. I hope that you will grow up to be best buddies – even if it means that you’ll both leave me at home alone to go golfing or to a Bears game.

Today is also a very special day because our friend Max received a new heart earlier this morning, so it is kind of his birthday today too! We are praying for his health, praying for his family and praying for the donor’s family. It is a true Christmas miracle, and a very generous and selfless Christmas gift. I urge everyone to become an organ donor, what better gift than to give the gift of life?

I am truly changed after giving life to you Dylan. I love you very much.
Love, Mama

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Anonymous said...

That letter is so sweet. And, you said you don't write. You fooled me! Amazing. It even brought a few tears to my eyes.
Hard to believe he'll be celebrating birthday No. 3 pretty soon and the birth of the new baby! : )
Love, Lisa