Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall in Indiana

I love the changing of the seasons in Indiana. We didn't have seasons in Texas, one day it is hot and the next it is "winter".
Here is a photo I took on one of our long drives through Indiana a few years ago.

The fall temps have brought on a major craving for pumpkin pie (I like mine with shredded coconut laced in it, yum). I can't wait to have the kitchen done so that I can do some baking. I am going to take Dylan to a pumpkin patch this weekend and it is going to kill me that I can't make any pies when I get home. Hopefully, I can find a good country pie stand on the way back. (Lisa, do you know of any near the Southlake Stables??)

I'll post some new Dylan photos at the pumpkin patch. I want to also start posting recipes and dishes that I'll make when our new kitchen is finished.

I love cooking and if it wasn't so expensive to cook the way I'd like to, I'd do it more. Plus, I am the only one that eats in this family, and it is so ungratifying to cook for just one. Joe and Dylan eat like birds and are total meat and potato kind of people and that isn't my style. Hopefully, the new baby will appreciate a good Black Bean and Corn-Filled Ravioli with Gazpacho Salsa or Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo) with shrimp. Or anything on this website

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