Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pranks and progress.

Dylan and I came home from the grocery store to find daddy like this.

Thank goodness he didn't really have an accident. Don't worry I gave Joe a piece of my mind, scaring me like that, but I have to give him credit, it did look real especially with the ketchup pooling out of his ear and the ladder tipped over next to him. To be honest my first thought was, thank goodness the ladder didn't ding the new drywall and paint. Ha! Dylan thought it was funny, hopefully he wasn't scarred for life witnessing such a scene.

Later that night I pulled a prank myself. Having excruciating sciatic nerve pain I couldn't sleep, or barely walk or even go to the bathroom. So I slowly, painfully, dragged my body out of bed to see what all the ruckus was downstairs. It was about 2 in the morning and Joe was sawing and hammering the hardwood floors. When I got downstairs he was surprised to see me and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to pretend that I was in labor. You should have seen the fear and confusion on his face, priceless. He had to help me back to bed, I could barely make it up the stairs by back was hurting so much.

When we aren't being silly and pranking each other we can actually be quite productive.

Joe starting to paint.

Pulling out the big guns. This is the miter saw I gave Joe for Christmas last year. Notice the hardwood floors started in the corner there, and the walls are totally painted (yeah!). Hopefully the floors will be done in a day or two. Joe goes to Boston on Wednesday until Sunday, so we will lose a weekend.

Oh, I also finished the curtains for the baby's room. I will post the photos later, since the room is still needing trim work around the new windows and we still have to get the crib up and decorate.

A quick shout out to my friends Valerie and James. Congratulations on your baby girl, Liesel was born October 6. She is beautiful and perfect. I am so excited for you all!

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Anonymous said...

Joe's lucky you didn't go into labor when you got home and saw his "prank." Baby Greco will be here soon enough. And, he'll arrive to an amazing new home. How exciting!