Saturday, November 17, 2007

Matthew's first check-up.

We took Matthew to his first check-up yesterday and Dylan for his annual flu shot.

Overall, Matthew looks good. He did have to get some blood work done, he has a touch of jaundice. I wish that we hadn't checked out of the hospital a day early now. He has to have another heel prick and retested again today and then depending on the results we might be sent home with a photo-therapy lights (or whatever they are called, I can't remember).

It was quite an experience having to get both kids (and Joe) out of bed, dressed and on the road for an early morning doctors appointment. We were 20 minutes late, and I hate being late for anything. We survived it, although we were all a tad grumpy.
Dylan took his flu shot like a champ.

Sorry no photos, in our haste to get to the appointment we didn't think of taking photos.
I will post later after I get Matthew's blood test results.

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