Thursday, November 15, 2007

A quick sneak look

No time to write anything but I know that everyone is patiently waiting to see a photo of Matthew. Here he at birth and at one day old.

Thanks for the beautiful flowers, from Shelly & Jim and my peeps at Hyatt Gaming.


Ed said...

Quyen & Joe & Mathew,

You guys look awesome. Way to go. Keep up the good work. Glad you are all doing well.

Lisa said...

He's soo adorable! We love the photos and especially the pout. Both Brian and I looked at the pouty photo and said: "That's Joe." HA!!

jen said...


Adorable. Great photos - thanks for posting them!

Baby are such tiny people, aren't they? I think this every time I see a newborn. So tiny.

jen said...

I meant- 'babies' plural on that above post. Too early on the submit.

Broad said...

Finally a baby you can call yours, since Dylan is all his daddy!

Congrats! Have you gotten in touch with Tara? She's been dying to cook you guys some food.