Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last day at day care

Yesterday was Dylan's last day at daycare (until I go back to work in February). We had to give two weeks notice at his daycare which worked out pretty well for us, as it gave me some transition time with the baby and I was able to rest somewhat.

Here is a photo of him with Ms. Jones and his friends. She pretty much potty trained him. She is very militant with the potty training!

Thursday I was trying to help Joe out with some painting and over did it. I had to go to the chiropractor yesterday and call my OB to beg her for some pain killers. The chiro said that I pulled a muscle in my back in the rib area. I was in excruciating pain Thursday night, could barely breathe let alone sleep. Let me tell you when mommy is sick, everyone is miserable. I could barely pick up Matty to nurse, Joe was running around trying to work on the house and tend to me, Dylan and the baby. It was a very long night. And for a minute I really wished that I didn't go the breast feeding route this time around. Of course Matty was not taking the bottle or formula so I had to work through the pain and nurse him. He is still eating every hourl. UGH!

I am still in pain today and have another appointment with my chiropractor on Monday. It will take several sessions to rehabilitate the injury. My doctor never did call me back so I am on Tylenol, which does nothing to help take the pain away.
It sucks being sick!

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