Monday, December 3, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Here are the boys taking a short nap in the family room. Don't worry, I had pillows to keep Matty from rolling off the couch, even though he is still in the stage where he doesn't move at all when sleeping.

Dylan and I are sick with chest colds. Hopefully Joe and Matty doesn't catch it. We are gearing up for Dylan's 3rd birthday party this Sunday. Still trying to get the kitchen and house together. We are doing a "bulldozer" and "construction" them for the party, which I thought was appropriate considering what we have been going through with the remodeling. There is still a large window to install, trim work to do, painting, install the stove and cook top and electrical to sort out. And that is just the kitchen. I still have to finish the baby's room. The windows upstairs need trim work before I can hang the curtains. Then there is cleaning, shopping etc. the usual stuff that comes with throwing a party. I can't wait until it is done so that we can start enjoying the holidays. I am especially looking forward to decorating the house and finishing the Christmas shopping, cleaning errands etc. so that we can just be together and enjoy each other! We still have to get our holiday cards out. Lots of stuff to do, it is really overwhelming.

I was back at the chiropractor today. I had to bring Dylan and Matthew. What a nightmare. Dylan was especially bad, practically climbing the walls and totally disobeing me, which was a first. Matthew started wailing towards the end when we were checking out. It was the worst. I was not able to handle either child and trying to keep it all together but failing miserably.

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