Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I've had to repeat about 80 times today...

Charlie! Down! Down!
Charlie! Out of the trash!
Charlie! No barking (at the mailman, delivery trucks, other dogs walking through the neighborhood).

Dylan, quiet please. Don't wake Matthew!
Dylan, shhhh!
Dylan please don't stomp. No stomping.
Dylan no scratching your legs.
Dylan come here so I can wipe your nose. Wipe your nose!
Dylan, stop banging the hammer.
Don't pinch your brother.
Dylan, I am on the phone. Quiet please.
Do you need to go potty?


I am laying face down in the chiropractor's table with my face through the hole. Dylan gets under the table and sees my face and says "what you doing here?" I say, mommy has an ouchie on her back. He looks at me takes a moment to think about it and then decides. To poke my eye with his finger. "Pinch" he says. He definitely, isn't the sensitive type.


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