Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Here are some gems from Dylan:

While role playing with his little cars (his cars are always talking to each other). The little car says to the big car "hold me, hold me". The big car replies "I can't right now, I am holding the baby."

We are having dinner and Dylan asks me what I am drinking. I say juice and he asks for a sip. Right before the cup touches his lips he stops, turns to me and asks "It not broccoli?" He asks that question every time he tries something for the first time. He kid does not like broccoli!

We are leaving Walmart where I'd just bought him some more cars for his Cars (the movie) collection and as I am buckling him into the car seat I say, "isn't mommy a good mommy? I buy you toys, and we had some candy, you had a cookie for breakfast.." he stops me and says very seriously "I love candy. I can eat them all".
He says "I love...______" fill in the blank with anything sweet; candy canes, ice cream, cake etc. It is like he wants us to know, incase we couldn't figure that out ourselves.

When Joe and Dylan play hide-n-seek, Joe gives Dylan a clue of where he is by yelling out "whoo hoo" from his hiding place. The other day Dylan was doing #2 on the potty and I told him to let me know when he was done so that I could wipe him. Next thing I hear from the bathroom is "whoo hoo, whoo hoo". I really got a kick out of that!

Dylan likes to talk to Matthew in a high pitched baby voice "Isn't he so cute? Tickle, tickle." as he is gently tickling the baby's forehead.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Quyen! I hope that the year ahead is a great one for you. Glad you like the bracelet and earrings, too! Love, Leslie