Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

We still haven't found Charlie but did get a few emails and calls mainly from strangers wishing us luck and offering suggestions on where to look for her. One girl told me about and I really liked that website, check it out if you are looking to adopt a pet.

We had a very busy weekend. Starting on Thursday, I met my friend Lisa and her daughter for a playdate. Here is a cute photo of Dylan and Lizzy. They played so well together and had fun walking through the mall holding hands which was adorable to see.

Saturday, we all got dressed up and attended Joe's Aunt Charlotte's wedding. She is Jewish and married a wonderful Christian gentleman and the ceremony, which was held at her Temple, was very unique. Both are very active in the community and with their church/temple. They were expecting about 200 people and about 400 showed up, so it was quite a celebration. Dylan had a blast dancing the night away, we got home around 10 pm and Joe & I stayed up until about 3 am getting the house ready for the Mishler Christmas party which we hosted on Sunday. The Mishlers are Joe's mom side of the family. Everyone brings an appetizer to the party so it is easy peasy to host.

Before the party started I took a few pictures of the kitchen because I realized that we never had a proper unveiling of our new kitchen. We still need to put up the crown molding and hang some curtains and other odds and ends but here is what Joe managed to accomplish so far.

So you can have some perspective, here some pictures of the old kitchen and dining rooms:

And here is the after:

He did an amazing job, didn't he? We are so proud of it.

Speaking of talent, Dylan is quite the creative himself. Joe is a whiz with Legos and looks like Dylan is too. He made these creations all by himself, and was so proud of himself that he wanted me to take a picture to show to daddy when he got home from work.

Matthew is "beary" cute and getting cuter every day. He can now recognize my face and is gives me big smiles. He still has the crying spells but it has gotten much better. He sleeps pretty well at night, so I am thankful for that.

Doesn't he look like Dylan in this photo?

We wish you all a very happy, healthy New Year! Don't forget to wear your yellow underwear and eat your blackeyed peas on January 1st!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Grecos!!! The kitchen looks FAB! If the bottom ever falls out of the newspaper biz, I have some work for Joe! The pictures of the boys take my breath away, as always. Love, Leslie

Diana said...

Happy New Year, new baby and new kitchen! The kitchen looks awesome (can we borrow Joe for a few weeks sometime??) and the baby is just adorable! We'll have to come around again soon to hang.