Thursday, January 17, 2008

Matthew is Two Months Old

We had a busy day today. Matthew had his two month check-up and then we went to Joe's office in Downers Grove for a visit and lunch. Man that drive is a long one. Poor Joe for having to do that everyday. Ugh!

Matthew has gained another 3 pounds and grew another 1.5 inches in the last month. That makes 6 pounds and 2.5 inches since birth. Wow!

He is almost in size 3 diapers. A shout out to Jill for the supply of size 2 diapers, we blew through them faster than you can say Fuggeddaboudit!
Overall, he is doing well. The crying spells are getting shorter, he is sleeping better at night and naps well during the day when Dylan isn't too loud. He is less gassy now, his baby "acne" is slowly clearing up, he is smiling more and when awake is very alert. He loves to be walked around and around so that he can see everything. The Baby Bjorn carrier is getting a workout with this baby (thanks again Eric and Di for that gift!).

Today he had 3 shots (vaccines) and has been crying off and on all day. He was hysterical when the nurse jabbed him in the thigh (do you blame him!). Very different from how Dylan reacted with his shots, he would cry for a minute and then pass out for the rest of the day. Matty is a much more vocal baby.

Dylan, Matty and I went to Nana B's for a visit yesterday. She gave Dylan a haircut and he looks super cute. We are trying to grow it out, going for a surfer boy look eventually.

It is suppose to be bitter cold again this weekend (they are calling it the Siberian Express, sounds uh.. refreshing), so we will probably hibernate and be total bums (ie stay in our pj's all day and not brush our teeth).

Here is a cute photo I took of the boys, a "reject" from the announcement card photo shoot. Matthew was 5 weeks old in this photo and Dylan 3 years old.


Anonymous said...

So glad that Matty's doctor appointment went well. What are you feeding that kid??? xoxox Leslie

QGIRL said...

Hi Leslie, Matty is in the 75th percentile for growth. Dylan was always in the 90+, so compared to his brother Matty is a lightweight! lol.