Sunday, January 27, 2008

Da plane, da plane

Quyen picked me up from O'Hare airport late Thursday night with the kids sound asleep in the back seat. Later pulling into the driveway, I anticipated waking up Dylan to hear the two words I look forward to hearing each day when I get home from work: "Daddy's here!" Usually Dylan, with open arms, will run to me and give me the best bear hug his little arms can give. I then pick him up and ask him about his day.

Well, it didn't go quite like that after arriving home from the airport.

As I unbuckled the car seat, he woke up from a nearly 90-minute nap. He looked at me, began craning his neck to see where he was and then proceeded to have a meltdown because he wasn't at the airport. He didn't want to see me, he wanted to see planes.

I tried to console him, but he didn't want anything to do with me. The only way to console him was to tell him that we'd go to the airport tomorrow (Friday) to see the planes. Luckily, we live only minutes away from the Lansing, Ill., airport.

On Friday, while Quyen took Matthew to visit her office for the first time, I took Dylan to Shannon's Landing, an Irish pub and restaurant, provided the perfect place for lunch with a view of the tarmac. Though we didn't see a plane take off or land, a few planes taxied to a hangar on the far side of the airport.

Dylan was now satisfied

(I'm having issues uploading pictures, so look for them later.)


Anonymous said...

I am IN LOVE with the picture of Dylan looking out of the window at the planes. That pic is a lifetime keeper!! Nice photography, Joe! Love, Leslie

PS To say that meeting Matthew was the highlight of my year is an understatement!

Diana said...

Shannon's! Yeah! Now there's a boy after my own heart. (Nice save, dad!)

Dylan's Dad said...

HI Di!

Yeah, I had to take Dylan to Shannon's. It's never too early, is it?