Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year and Chicago Auto Show

We had a fun day in the city today. First going to Chinatown for dim sum to celebrate Chinese New Year and then to the Chicago Auto Show. It was the 100th show, and Matthew, Dylan and my first time going. The temp outside was like 20 below zero, brutal, but we managed ok.

Dylan is a very picky eater, actually he pretty much doesn't eat anything except cookies and candy, but he LOVES dim sum. He'll eat anything we put on his plate as long as he can stab it with chopsticks!

My favorite car at the Auto Show was the new Saab concept car (the last photo, the white car). Joe and I both really liked the Nissan Amada (sp?) and the Volvo station wagon/SUV. Dylan loved the trucks the best.

Here are some photos.

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OMG I love this site. Dylan is a man now- he's gorgeous and she is Matty.

I have saved this webiste on my favorites, so I will be visiting frequently.