Thursday, February 7, 2008

Matthew at 12 weeks old.

Hello, here is a current photo of Matthew for everyone that has been asking. We don't take enough photos of him!
He is doing well. Just today we think we made a break through with the bottle. We have been trying different bottles and nipples and the day care ladies discovered that the kid actually likes the cheap bottles that you can buy at the Dollar Store. Go figure. All those expensive, Gerber, Evenflo and Advent bottles I bought will be going to Goodwill. The next hurdle is to start introducing formula to him.
Here he is at 12 weeks old. He is filling out well, sleeping well for the most part, still nursing through the night (my little vampire!) and doing much better every day at day care. He is still really gassy which causes him to be "fussy" at times so I will talk to the doctor about that at his 4 month check up. Also, the crying is much improved, thank goodness. He coos and smiles more and is very ticklish.

One of my favorite blogs, Sweet|Salty, wrote in her post today about her newborn son "When he wakes up at night I giggle with him when I should be remote and unengaging for the sake of sleep. I can’t resist."
I have done the exact same thing too when Dylan or Matthew wake up in the middle of the night cooing and smiling at me. Sleep is so overrated! I am so glad I signed up for motherhood, when I look at these boys I practically pinch myself for my good luck. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

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Anonymous said...

Matthew's smile takes my breath away! He is one sweet baby! Love, Leslie xxoxox