Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I didn't have anything to blog about, it was a low key weekend. Swimming lesson on Saturday for Dylan, lots of gardening for Joe and cleaning around the house for me. Anyway, all quiet on the mid-western front.

I should have known that we wouldn't go for a week without some medical drama. If you read the post below about Spring and looked closely at the photos you will notice in about the 4th photo down of Dylan that he has a band aid on his first finger on the left hand. Well that little cut which has been around now for about 2 weeks turned out to be a serious staph infection, actually MRSA. He also has two other fingers that are infected and some crustiness in his left eye.

We are now on oral and topical antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops. I am sure my insurance company just loves me. I also have to soak his fingers in warm water 3 times a day and clean it with a hospital grade antimicrobial skin cleanser - not an easy task with a hyperactive 3 year old.

We have to see the doctor again in a week. He is most concerned with the possibility that Dylan's bone will get infected, or worse his blood and heart. Not fun to hear stuff like that.

Here is a link that explains MRSA in detail.

Sorry no photos, I am sure you can appreciate the sight of a red swollen crusty finger wound quite easily without the visuals.

I went ahead and included this photo taken two weekends ago.


Lisa said...

Wow! I've been out of touch for a week and there's a whole new amazing blog design!! Looks fabulous. At first I was afraid I was on the wrong Greco site. : )
Great design guys...hmmmm.. wonder who in your house does such great design. : )

QGIRL said...

Excuse me! I did the new design for the site! Actually I chose a new template from the blogger templates, but I tweaked everything myself. Thanks for the nice compliment!

Lisa said...

WOW!! Check you out, girl! Maybe, Joe's got some competition in the house. hmmmm.. sounds like fun.
Awesome job!!!